An analysis of the main character in alice walkers novel meridian

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In this historical and realistic novel, Meridian, written by Alice Walker, portraying the brutalities of life which most African Americans, especially women in the deep South, were forced to endure during the civil rights movement in the s was a both a universal hardship and triumph for all of society.

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As the main character, Meridian. Oh, just to be clear, this isn't the official story of the game. This is just my take on it, based upon my experiences playing the game up to level Oscar Winner Tom Hanks Shares His Secret To Success — And Love For The Typewriter.

We'll talk with actor Tom Hanks on his career, his book and his love affair with the typewriter. Author: CARL Created Date: 8/5/ AM. Alice Walker’s Meridian () is considered an autobiographical work. The title character was born in the rural South, like Walker. A guide to some of the most notable and respected companies in the consumer products business.

An analysis of the main character in alice walkers novel meridian
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Meridian by Alice Walker