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Himachal GK MCQs (Books & Writers) – 3

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Learns who like us and crafts. Neal Layton - Curriculum Press, 64 pages. Distribution of walkers of Greek in Anatolia. Books and Authors: General knowledge questions and answers 1. Who is the author of ‘Death in The Castle’? a. Thomas Mann b. H.P Nanda c. Pearl S. Buck. Free Online Test will give you a General Knowledge for your Competitive Exams.

Tests cover Abbreviations, Awards and Honours, Books and Authors etc. Test your General Knowledge about Books and Authors by playing this Free Online 50 Questions on Books and Authors GK Quiz 2 Test.

You can enhance your Books and Authors GK skill through these questions and answer. (General Knowledge) Books and Authors: Famous Books / Plays. Books and Authors. Famous Books / Plays. Book: Author: A: A Bend in the River: V.S. Naipaul: Autobiography of an Unknown Indian: General Knowledge. Books and Authors.

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Download this article as pdf Books and Authors Current Affairs – Tips on how to remember this list! First try to remember the easy ones. These are the ones you read once, and they stick with you. Current AffairsGK QuizGeneral Knowledge Questions Answers, National Highways, Latest Whos Who, Important National Days.

Gk books and authors
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