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Showcase your LEED-certified project in USGBC’s project directory

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Green Directories

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I took and passed the LEED -NC exam today! Last September I sat in on a workshop with a LEED AP who came in to teach our Project Execs and Project Managers about LEED (I work for a construction firm that has built LEED projects but didn’t have anyone in house that was accredited)I decided it was important and decided to persue it.

We can help you find products for your LEED or WELL project. If you just want answers without having to do all the research, check out our Product Vetting ncmlittleton.com’ve already done the work, so we know what to look for in every category (and what to watch out for).

AOC is undertaking a project to repair, clean and preserve the Olmsted Terrace. The construction project represents an interior tenant build-out of floors five and six, certified within the LEED rating system of commercial interior space, (LEED CI).

Clinical lab spaces, procedure, exam, waiting, and therapy rooms incorporate the design of sustainable solutions providing a high-performance sustainable interior. Nordson Headquarters Nordson's LEED® Certified Corporate Headquarters in Westlake, Ohio, incorporates leading green building technologies.

In NovemberNordson Corporation opened a new 28, square-foot global headquarters facility in Westlake, Ohio. The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) is a public benefit corporation whose mission is to improve human health and well-being in buildings and communities across the world through its WELL Building Standard (WELL).

Leed project directory
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