Pathology case studies book

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Pathology: Textbooks

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Pathology: A Modern Case Study

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After four to six years of undergraduate medical study, trainees stage to a two-year cast program. Case Studies in Systemic Sclerosis deals specifically with Systemic Sclerosis in a case study format.

Each case presentation includes illustrative figures, a discussion of the pathophysiology relevant to the case, a discussion of management that is both evidence-based and expert opinion-based and several key references for further reading.

Interesting Pathology Cases Asbestosis Case. Asbestos Bodies and Asbestosis; A case showing classic asbestos bodies in routine Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) stain, Iron stain and unstained thick sections, as well as varying severity of asbestosis. Spinal Case Studies Here spine specialists present many cases that are challenging and compelling.

Each case provides a patient's history, exam and imaging, treatment, outcome and peer discussion. Case studies engage learners and offer opportunities for active learning. In a case study, questions of major importance can be discussed, without “lecturing or telling students the ‘right’.

Pathology: A Modern Case Study is a concise, focused text that emphasizes the molecular and cellular biology essential to understanding the concepts of disease causation. The book includes numerous case studies designed to highlight the role of the pathologist in the team that provides patient care.4/4(1).

Pathology and Microbiology for Mortuary Science is a comprehensive book for the study of pathology and microbiology written for mortuary science students, as a resource for educators, and as a reference for funeral directors and embalmers.

Pathology case studies book
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Case Studies in Interoperability in Digital Pathology Workflow